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Super Meat Boy Nominated for IGF Best Audio! and Grand Prize!

2010-01-12 10:40:41 by EighthRonin

Super Meat Boy Nominated for IGF Best Audio! and Grand Prize!

Super Meat Boy on Steam and intro posted

2009-10-01 12:01:46 by EighthRonin

SMB on Steam in Q1 2010: 0/

SMB introduction to plot:

Super Meat Boy Footage

2009-09-18 13:38:18 by EighthRonin

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Enjoy the first footage from Super Meat Boy. Look for more news in the coming months.

Make sure to catch the SFII intro parody at the start of this trailer.

Thanks to all

2009-06-17 10:19:36 by EighthRonin

Thanks to all for playing and continuing to support Spewer.

Look for me on other new projects : Super Meat Boy, and No Quarter: Hitlers Must Die

Spewer hits 1000 reviews

2009-05-15 09:03:06 by EighthRonin

Spewer has over 1000 reviews now, and is retaining its 9.3/10 average. Thank you everyone who has played it and is playing it. We really appreciate the kind words.

Spewer is live!

2009-05-05 09:35:45 by EighthRonin

Spewer finally launched here on Newgrounds, go play it!



2009-02-04 17:37:13 by EighthRonin

I am currently working with Edmund McMillen on two of his upcoming projects.

the newly announced flash game.

Super Meat Boy:
currently under development for Wiiware and PC. Remaking of the popular flash game Meat Boy already here on Newgrounds.

Super Meat Boy Blog



2008-12-29 22:58:12 by EighthRonin

I am an experienced Sound Designer for Games, Film and Animation. I am looking for serious freelance projects to do SFX creation and design for games.

Send me a message if you need SFX assets for an existing project, or have an upcoming project you want to discuss.